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Discover our safety knives

There are MARTOR safety knives for almost every cutting task in the workplace. Choosing the right safety knife will improve safety, profits and staff well-being. MARTOR risk assessments are the quick and easy way for safety professionals to make the right choice.

MARTOR UK is the sales arm of MARTOR KG in the UK. With 25 years of experience and 1,000s of Risk Assessments, we have the expertise to help you find the right knives. Contact us now




    Cut Food Recall Risks with the New MDP SECUMAX 150
    Protect your workforce, your consumers and your reputation.

  • SECUMAX 350

    The SECUMAX 350 is a combination of versatility, comfort and maximum safety with a concealed / recessed blade. It can be used to cut out all standard materials, from film to plastic strapping, from paper to 2-ply cardboard. It splits adhesive tape easily too.

  • SECUPRO 625

    The SECUPRO 625 is at the forefront of our ergonomic squeeze-grip knives. Its aspiration is very clear: premium. Because it offers all that professional users require: an aluminium handle, an easy and smooth lever to release the blade, a large cutting depth combined with a very high safety level due to the fully automatic blade retraction and a comfortable blade change.


    Cut Food Recall Risks with The SECUNORM PROFI25
    MARTOR’s most popular go-to general purpose MDP knife helps reduce all common contamination risks.


Our three safety technologies

  • martor-first-step
    Concealed blade Maximum safety

    The blade is concealed to shield you and packaged goods from the cutting blade. You avoid cuts, and your products and surfaces are protected from blade damage.

  • martor-second-step
    Fully automatic blade retraction Very high safety

    The intelligent cutting tool: as soon as the blade leaves the cutting material, it withdraws automatically into the handle. In short, the knife overrides the user.

  • martor-third-step
    Automatic blade retraction High safety

    Thumbs up for a high degree of safety! As soon as you start cutting, remove your thumb from the slider. Slider and blade retract into the handle. In short, the user can override the knife.

Featured case studies

  • martor-knife-amnesty
    Making knives safer

    In June 2020, we helped a client (UK manufacturer) assess their cutting solutions after one of their staff was injured. An initial ‘Knife Amnesty’ was carried out to recall and replace all inadequate and potentially hazardous knives. We then conducted a comprehensive Knife Risk Assessment, visiting all areas of the 8-acre site. We supplied 5 different types of knives to meet the specific needs of the business.

  • martor-knife-box-opening
    Stopping product damage

    Spilling the beans – or the rice – doesn’t just create a mess, it represents a bag full of lost cash too! For one of our clients (a major clothes retailer), tears in garments when opening boxes resulted in losses of £2,500 every week. Our solution: a knife with a concealed blade to cut open the box while protecting the garments. Training videos and safety posters also helped educate staff members and promote safe cutting practices across the business.

  • Cutting risks, not efficiency

    MARTOR safety technologies do not compromise efficiency – time and again we demonstrate they improve productivity and reduce product damage.

  • Unique Knife Risk Assessements

    For sites with 30+ knife users, we offer a free Risk Assessment reporting on knife safety and identifying product damage and productivity improvements.

  • Product damage elimination

    £ millions are lost to accidental / careless knife use. MARTOR designs knives to eliminate such damage.

Let your brand cut through

Project your brand onto a quality knife – use as a customer giveaway or for workplace branding.

Here’s how to get your logo onto MARTOR knives:

  1. Send us your logo
  2. We will make a PDF Image within 48 hours to show your logo on the knife
  3. Decide how many you want – from 100 knives upwards
  4. Ready in 6 to 8 weeks from confirmed order

That’s done – in 4 easy steps.


Request a free Risk Assessment

MARTOR UK offers free of charge Knife Risk Assessments to help your business improve safety and prevent damage to valuable products*.

Risk Assessments can be done face to face or even remotely via video call. To organise a Knife Risk Assessment, call us on 01924 281333.

We will carry out a full review of your cutting activities and complete a report with recommendations for:

  • Safety improvements
  • Better efficiency and productivity
  • Product damage and avoidance
  • Ease of use (ergonomics / weight)

With more than 10,000 Knife Risk Assessments conducted over 20 years, we offer an unsurpassed level of expertise. MARTOR knives are a valuable investment that will help reduce or eliminate workplace injuries, improve productivity and protect your products.

*Subject to more than 30 Knife users on one site for a face to face assessment

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